To Anyone Having a Hard Time Trusting God or Just Straight Up Struggling:

I'm going to be really open and honest right now. I'm even going to let you into a private conversation between Matt and I because that's how big of a deal this is.

Recently I've been feeling a little resentful. With our wedding just around the corner, as well as the highest pressure time in his career happening right now, I've noticed we've both been a little on edge. My heart craves his attention and continuous investment as we prepare to dive into the mystery of marriage, but football has high demands on his heart and mind right now, too. I've felt more like a burden than his beloved in this season and it really began to weigh on me. I even broke down last week into a puddle of ugly tears as if the world was ending. Sometimes I'm dramatic, sorry.

However, I've been reading The Power Of A Praying Wife (AWESOME BOOK FOR ANYONE ENGAGED OR MARRIED) and it challenged me to know when to speak, and when to shut up and pray. Since that day i had been lifting Matt in prayer: that God would give him peace, sharpen him, and prepare his heart for husbandry (probably not a real word, but whatever). Then today, out of the blue, I received this message from him.


I nearly fell off my seat. God had touched him, moved in him, and molded him in a more powerful way than any of my words or efforts could have done.

Okay here's my point: This isn't about cuteness or anything like that. It's about trusting through the tough stuff. So if you're discouraged or hurt or frustrated or struggling to trust God in this season, I urge you to stop doing, saying, and fixing. And I challenge you to shut up and pray. Trust just a little harder. And keep praying.

Because prayer is powerful. And it works.

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Jordan Lee

Author: Jordan Lee

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