When I walked into the room, it nearly took my breath away. Everything (and I mean everything) down to the final detail was absolutely beautiful. The flowers, the set up, the food, the lights, all of it. But behind every decoration and detail and dish there were DOer's. There were hands that stirred every dish and the hearts that stitched themselves together into one collective team to pull off the loveliest party. I think this is what took my breath away the most.

And as I hugged and laughed and cried and read some of the sweetest cards, the details didn't matter. What did matter? The people. The doers. The hearts and hands so interwoven into our lives that endlessly poured out every ounce of energy they had…just to celebrate us. I felt so unworthy of that. So undeserving. So much so that I could hardly keep a smile off my face or a tear out of my eye. It was joyful, exciting, and humbling all at once.

Throughout it all, I realized that life is like a party. And if we just LOOK, we will be shown God's love even in the details. I was reminded of His love through the love and sacrifice my family and friends displayed during the days surrounding my bridal shower. They came from near and far to lend a hand, to lift us up, and love us well. They sacrificed their time, energy, and desires. Similarly, God celebrates us as His children. He sacrificed HIMSELF to give you and me the most beautiful party in life eternal. It's amazing how He reflects this truth through His people. We just need to be willing to LOOK. And to stand in awe.

Then, I looked over at my groom. And I saw humility, grace, and kindness in the eyes of a broken human much like myself. I was briefly reminded of the purpose of this day. It had nothing to do with perfection or party favors or Pinterest or any other pretty little thing. It had everything to do with PEOPLE. People loving people. Broken people.

So to anyone engaged, daydreaming of dating, or single and hoping for a husband: Don't let the online culture of cuteness sell you so much on the perceived reality of perfection that you lose sight of PEOPLE. And when it comes to relationships, your goal should not be to be “goals” or whatever other terms people use to describe a type of perfection that really doesn't exist. If the “him” in your life does not exhibit HIM, if he doesn't pursue the heart of God AND the heart of you, working to make you the best version of yourself before Papa's throne, then you are settling.

And you may need to hear that.

So before you get caught up in having a perfect party, or a perfect life, and when you feel like everybody else's party is perfect and your life is not, remember that cuteness is fleeting, perfection is false, but Christ is forever and He is not flawed.

Let yourself believe that however imperfect your life or your party may be, He has planned the ULTIMATE, ETERNAL party. And you're invited.

PS. Dear Mama, thank you for making this day amazing. I don't deserve you.

Thank you to my dear friend, Kate Foster, for capturing these moments!

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