21 Ridiculously Fun Things to Do On Your 21st Birthday (No Alcohol Required)

If you’re anything like I was on my 21st birthday, you might be excited to celebrate the milestone but don’t totally desire the crazy bar scene. You may not be interested in taking 21 shots or blacking out just to say you turned 21.

Perhaps you’re more interested in celebrating LIFE instead of forgetting or wasting it away.

In college and society at large, there’s often an unsaid expectation and uncomfortable pressure to “live it up”

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How to Know If He's the One and Thoughts on Young Marriage

Seriously, how DO you know if he’s the one? How DO you know when it’s the right time to get married–or if you even should?

Society seems to shout, “Don’t get married until you’re older! Don’t throw your life away at a young age! Get your career started! Focus on you!”

And sometimes Christian circles make girls feel like they have to find a “perfect” man with statements like,

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How to Handle Internet Drama as a Christian Girl

Cyber bullying. Exclusion. Division. Facebook rants. Broken relationships. Statements like, “you’re just a racist/sexist/bigot/whatever” float around, even if unwarranted.

We live in a world where it’s so easy to target others from behind a screen.

We live in a world that labels people before seeking to understand people based off of what we see on their profile or in a comment.

We live in a world that’s become so filtered and censored and in-genuine.

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College Girls Night Jordan Lee Texas Tech

Last spring, Texas Tech Panhellenic reached out to my team about having me speak at a women’s event on their campus this fall.

And let me say, they hit this one out of the park! I absolutely LOVED the girls at Texas Tech. A sweet girl, Gabby, was the dreamer and doer behind this event and had a huge hand in working with TTU’s administration to make it possible.

The event was held on the lawn of Alpha Delta Xi’s (a sorority) lawn at sunset.

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Growing up, my dad always told me to be a nonconformist. I think he kind of said it as a joke, often encouraging me to be a leader, not a follower, of crowds. My dad was always highly respected in our town, often seen as a standard setter, not a settler.

In our culture of feelings over facts, collapsing morals, hatefulness, division, and brokenness, this reigns true. We aren’t asked to be snobs.

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What to Do When You Don't Feel Close to God

“It feels like whenever I pray about it, the worse case scenario still happens. I’m fighting really hard not to lose faith,” she shared as we sat cross legged on the floor during Bible study.

My heart broke as it beat to an eerily familiar drum.

I know that feeling. I know how frustrating it can be…I know what it’s like to feel so stuck and far away from God that you begin to wonder if your faith is fake–not as real,

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I decided to start blogging about my speaking events so that you can get a little taste of them, too!


On August 30, I visited to Gainsville, FL to speak to the women at the University of Florida.

This amazing event was dreamed up by a sweet girl named Jaclyn, and her friend, Cami.

They read my College Devotional last year and then dreamed up a women’s event called Freedom: No Strings Attached.

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This past weekend, we celebrated our first anniversary. We found a quaint little Bed and Breakfast and booked a few nights away–just the two of us.

My parents were kind enough to dog-sit Hoosier (go mom and dad!) and we spent four days and three nights exploring the beach town of South Haven, Michigan.

So, what do I mean by “unplugged”? When we arrived on Friday evening, we both deleted all social media apps from our phone and vowed not to touch email,

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