10 Steps to Treat Your Body Like a Temple (Not an Idol)

My sophomore year of college, I decided I wanted to get healthy.

I didn’t have much of plan, I just knew I wanted to be more toned, fit, and thin. So, I set out to burn more calories than I consumed. I quickly discovered the infamous “runner’s high” and I was hooked.

I watched an ounce of fat I had on my body shed and I reveled at the site of my abs in the mirror.

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Being newlyweds, we don’t have all the answers. Still, I know that my husband, Matt, holds a high standard for himself when it comes to being a husband just by the way he loves and works hard for our family.

I also hold a high standard for myself when it comes to being a wife. Sometimes, though, I’ve found that I put so much pressure on myself that I totally break down and end up feeling like a pretty crummy wife.

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Bible Journaling for Beginners: How to Study the Bible
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I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures of journaling bibles on the internet. They’re probably beautifully decorated/painted/scripted and you might be over there looking at your little bible with just a few measly words underlined and thinking, “welp, where did I go wrong?”

Before you think that or compare your Bible to one you see on Pinterest,

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I saw a really cute picture of another blogger’s kitchen the other day and it made me feel icky because my cabinets are so not pottery barn.

I overthink what others think of me and I’m always looking over my shoulder, worried I won’t work fast enough or be inspiring enough and lose my place in this race.

I edit most of my social media captions multiple times after posting them and I usually don’t get anything right the first time.

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Christian Marriage Advice

We argued the entire car ride. It was such a silly argument that I don’t even remember what it was about but I do remember how I felt.

I was SO mad–not the kind of mad where you give a little stink eye and get over it two seconds later. I’m talking about the kind of mad that makes you want to pull the car over and walk the rest of the way.

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5 Super Doable Ways to Share Your Faith with Your Friends

I sat in an ordinary sorority chapter meeting my senior year of college. A sister that I knew of but didn’t really know, Mel, sat down next to me and we started talking, getting hushed several times over the course of the hour.

After the meeting ended, we traded numbers and continued to stay in touch. She began asking me more about my faith and I mean it when I say she asked some HARD questions.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You believe in God. Grew up going to church. Even have a personal relationship with Jesus. I mean, it’s a little off and on, but it exists. Maybe you even go to Bible study now and then. But then your fun friends call. There’s a party going on and you just have to be there.

You hesitate for a minute but with a little help from your friends,

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A friend of mine who blogs recently reached out and asked me, “How did you grow your Facebook?! I’ve figured out Instagram for the most part but growing my business Facebook page is a mystery to me!”

Then, just a few weeks ago, another friend that runs an online shop reached out asking almost the exact same question about her blog Facebook page.

I’ve had my Facebook page for my blog for half the time that I’ve had my blog Instagram yet the numbers on Facebook have already bypassed my Instagram following by the thousands.

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The first time I led a Bible study, it felt like a total flop. I was a senior in college and I wanted to host a weekly Bible study in my sorority. During the first week of school, I hung a sign on the door and announced it at our first chapter meeting. Although some girls rolled their eyes, I got through the announcement without dying of total embarrassment.

I spent the next several days preparing content and by the time the first meeting rolled around,

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