5 Ways to Know If You Have Healthy or Toxic Friendships

5 Ways to Know if a Friendship is Healthy or Toxic:

1. A healthy friend supports your successes even when they don’t feel successful. A toxic friend makes you feel guilty for the good God is doing in your life.

2. A life-giving friend knows real love can mean hard love. They tell you the stuff that’s hard to hear when it’s in your best interest. A toxic friend says all the right things without loving you enough to tell you the truth.

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When I was a freshman at Indiana University, I was completely against the idea of joining a sorority.

It just wasn’t for me.

In fact, I was the only girl on my entire dorm floor that didn’t go through recruitment in January.

When girls would come back celebrating, or crying, when they received (or didn’t receive) a bid to the house they hoped to get in, I remember rolling my eyes and thinking how wacky this whole thing was.

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Do You Struggle with Chronic Comparison? Here's How to Be Yourself!

In elementary school, I shopped at Limited Too (anyone else?!) simply because that’s where all my friends shopped.

In high school, Hollister and low rise jeans were in. So, you can probably guess what was in my closet.

Before my junior year of college, I spent half of my summer earnings on new clothes because I literally tried to copy my big sister’s style.

A little later,

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The Truth About Saving Sex for Marriage

He was a D1 college football player. I was in a sorority. Classic, right?

We met during our time at a Big10 university, arguably one of the bigger party schools in the nation. We certainly weren’t in Christian bubbles and we were faced with different messages about sex and dating and hookups ALL THE TIME.

And honestly, our personal decision to save sex for marriage? WOW. It. was.

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Is it Worth the Wait?

On our first date, we watched The Emperors New Groove and danced around in the kitchen while making chicken salad. From a can. Canned chicken.

Poor college kids, what can I say?

A few days later, i was leaving campus for break. I wrote a note and slipped it in his mailbox while he was at football practice.

As I gassed up my car, I noticed a text from him,

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Overcoming Anger and Bitterness in Relationships

It was June when I realized I’d been carrying bitterness I didn’t even know I had.

It was July when I first voiced it, early September when first prayed about it, October when i looked in the mirror and realized I’m just as beaten up and broken, and November when i finally inquired about counseling because I had believed for far too long I could beat bitterness with enough time,

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Giving Gifts that Matter: A Meaningful Christmas Gift Guide

I sit by the fireplace, sparks crackling as I sip on tea and cut up another gangly piece of wrapping paper.

Glancing at the pile of to-be-wrapped gifts, I see sweaters, gift cards, lotions, soaps, and more.

Gifts. Things. Things that will be torn open, said thank you for, and likely forgotten about, expired, or used up by next year.

Forgotten. Used up. Expired.

Ever feel forgotten?

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To the One Who Feels Unworthy

It seems like everywhere I look, I see inspiring phrases like, “You are worthy,” and “You are so worth loving.”

It’s nearly become a trend on the internet, especially in the Christian corner of the web.

When I first read it, I love it! It gives me a warm fuzzy inside. And then I look at my life and everything that makes me feel unworthy and the warm fuzzies quickly become cold prickles.

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This past fall, I released sweatshirts with my blog and ministry’s tagline, “Your Brokenness is Welcome Here.”

I wasn’t sure how it’d go. I haven’t done anything with merchandise in over three years.

All I knew is that I wanted to create more than a message. I wanted to start a movement. I wanted to create more than just a product or another piece of Christian apparel.

So, we put this message on a sweatshirt in hopes that it would not only remind you that God invites YOUR brokenness to the table,

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