Last words. Last words have meaning. The words that people say before goodbyes; the words that people say within final speeches; the words that people say upon their death beds. Last words have meaning because last words often communicate the giver’s greatest insights to the receiver. Do you know what Jesus’ last words to his disciples were? They are found in Matthew 28:18-20 and they say, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.

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This is a loving reminder to anyone else battling or recovering from eating disorders who feel triggered by summertime, when everyone sheds their winter layers for short shorts and hits the gym to get “bikini-ready.”

“May 8, 2018. Dear Brittany, love your skin. Your body is a temple, don’t tear it down.”

Hi, I’m Brittany. I’ve got a thing for realness. Real talk, real connections, real conversations.

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When SoulScripts asked me to write a blog post about anything I wanted, I had a hard time choosing a topic.

I sat down at my laptop with a million thoughts buzzing around in my head; it felt like I had to write the perfect blog, which led me into walking away from my laptop.

Pressure turned into anxiety and despair. I just didn’t know how to write the right thing (no pun intended).

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Each summer I compile a list of things to do or places to see with a friend or significant other. My success rate for accomplishing this “bucket list” each summer is pretty pathetic. I have tried to build (and maintain) a garden, travel to a new place, or maintain a healthy (and balanced) diet the ENTIRE summer. I realized that all of the things I put on my “summer bucket list” were things that were a little too extravagant and unrealistic.

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Have you ever entered into a dating relationship without discussing the really hard stuff first? Coming to the conclusion a little late that you didn’t even have a chat with God about the intentionality of that relationship before it began? Yeah? Me too. I’ve been there.

I was in college when I met him. He told me everything I wanted to hear; it was different from any of my previous relationships.

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Have you ever looked at someone else who is fit and asked yourself: How does she do it?  How can she find time each day to workout? What is her motivation? What is her secret?

If you were to ask a handful of people why they workout, most would probably say the following reasons:

  • It was how they were raised.
  • They grew up playing sports.
  • They had a major life experience that motivated them to workout.

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5 Ways to Know If You Have Healthy or Toxic Friendships

5 Ways to Know if a Friendship is Healthy or Toxic:

1. A healthy friend supports your successes even when they don’t feel successful. A toxic friend makes you feel guilty for the good God is doing in your life.

2. A life-giving friend knows real love can mean hard love. They tell you the stuff that’s hard to hear when it’s in your best interest. A toxic friend says all the right things without loving you enough to tell you the truth.

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When I was a freshman at Indiana University, I was completely against the idea of joining a sorority.

It just wasn’t for me.

In fact, I was the only girl on my entire dorm floor that didn’t go through recruitment in January.

When girls would come back celebrating, or crying, when they received (or didn’t receive) a bid to the house they hoped to get in, I remember rolling my eyes and thinking how wacky this whole thing was.

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