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Starting my blog was simultaneously one of the best and scariest decisions I've ever made. Most people don't realize that I got serious about blogging as a little senior in college. I was still living in a sorority house just learning the ropes and typing away. I was able to refine my writing and the year after I graduated, I was able to create a few helpful products and within a few months, I was able to leave my part time job and work my blog full time…less than a year out of college!

God is the number one reason I've been able to do what I'm passionate about AND has allowed me to grow an audience and build a business that allows me to work from home every single day (and have super awesome assistants to help me).

It didn't happen overnight but my reach expanded as I showed up every day, stopped trying to be perfect, and trudged through periods of slow progress. Now, God has allowed me to use my blog to come alongside young women and providing them with Christ centered advice to get through it with strength and dignity, create strong community, work from home, partner with companies and other ministries I believe in, travel and speak at campuses and colleges, build a team of women to help me, and more.

I've learned to create and plan intentional, effective content as well as systems and strategies to be sure that my blog is sustainable on a financial level for my family and team as well as impactful on a personal and spiritual level for my readers. I'm careful not to word vomit for the sake of getting content up but instead, I work to pack my website and social media full of free content that actually helps people through some of the real life things they face.

Like I said, that didn't happen overnight and I certainly didn't start out doing that. I was just as terrified to start as you probably are right now and I asked questions like,

What if people don't like what I have to say?

How can I be open and honest without revealing TOO much? What will my friends think?

Will this be a waste of time?

…What if it actually succeeds? 

It was like I was afraid of actually succeeding. Maybe that was scary because it sounded like a big uphill mountain to climb. I was afraid to make it to make it to the top without the proper resources and help. Maybe that's the root of your fear, too.

Maybe it just seems really overwhelming…and while you're afraid or worried about what people might think…you might actually be a little bit afraid of not knowing what to do if you have some success with it. But it doesn't have to be scary. Not if you don't look at the whole mountain but instead just the step ahead of you. And perhaps the next step for you is STARTING.

Blogging doesn't have to be like throwing your heart out into the ocean of the internet and hoping something will find somewhere to land. It actually needs to be well curated, thought through, and strategic. There's a million posts on grace so maybe that topic is too broad. Maybe you need to narrow what you're focusing on and asking, “how can I help people solve a problem or work through an issue they have?”

Doing so brings more intentionality to your space and writing but also makes your writing more effective–which allows it to grow.

Progress can be slow at times but that's normal. We all start somewhere and we all hit dead patches…often. BUT with intentionality, focus on the RIGHT things, and clarity, it can be one of the most exciting mountains you'll ever climb.

So before you turn around and go home, let me give you 8 reasons to take that next step TOWARD the big scary mountain (which is really just a little ant hill, okay? Don't let fear blow it up ;)).

1. Blogging will help you find, understand, and harness the power of your own voice…and then use it to make an actual, tangible, real difference in the lives of others.

God didn't just give you a voice for you not to use it. You may be the quieter type but you still have a voice. A voice does NOT mean someone who is loud and bold. You have voice even if you are quiet or awkward or mega shy. Your voice will reach a different audience than someone who is loud and bold and bubbly and that is okay…that is good.

2. Blogging will help you find what you are most passionate about, what topics interest you, and how you can then become both a pro and a friend people come to

You will be able to define a nitch and be a trusted source for others as you create and cultivate content centered around that. Before you know it, people will see you as an expert (or at least a trusted source of advice/guidance/info on said subject) and you'll be able to take the blog a step further and turn it into a business, ministry, organization etc. centered around that subject.

3. Blogging allows you to share a message or teach something  you're passionate about.

A blog is like your own tiny corner of the universe that you get to use to do what you love. It should be a clear reflection of you and if you are sure to do so, it should feel like it would to hang out in your living room, sit on your couch, and chat with you over tea. You will be able to create friendships by giving your readers an experience, not just another generic article, as you blog and define your niche. The great thing about having a blog and blog subscribers is that it's your own. It's not owned by platforms like Instagram or Facebook. You can make it your own, 100%.

4. Blogging creates community (for both your readers and for you)

I started blogging with no intention of networking with fellow bloggers or bringing my readers together but BOTH of those things happened. I have expanded my circle 1000x since I started blogging and it is AWESOME. I feel like I always have someone to reach out to to ask questions about certain subjects when it comes to blogging, and it's SUPER rewarding to see my readers connect and support each other on posts (as well as get plugged into The Sisterhood, my online resource community full of monthly resources for those who join).

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5. Blogging opens up other opportunities.

If you're not really interested in being a blogger, a blog is still a powerful tool in your existing small business. It can be used as a great marketing tool and also helps your clients get to know you and your business in a different way–which helps build trust and shows them more about you and how can serve them well. Success stories, advice, and personal posts all make this possible. The more insight and peeks behind the scenes you give, the more that people will see you as a trusted friend. It also shows that you're willing to be transparent and give valuable knowledge away for free–which makes you trustworthy and someone others WANT to learn from. If you keep all the advice/tips/lessons behind closed doors or only sell them in your products, people won't really have any reason to buy from or look to you because they really don't know what value you can add to their life. Lastly, it opens up doors to partner with brands, get published, travel, and ultimately, make a difference in the lives of others.

6. Blogging challenges you to get a little creative and step outside your comfort zone but also dares you to keep it real.

A blog is this unique sphere of a place where you get to create a brand and share your insight and/or knowledge on certain subjects but also have to do so in a way that others connect with and trust. If you allow yourself to be connected with by writing helpful content in a way that is relatable (not cheesy, relatable. I repeat, not cheesy, RELATABLE) and shows your true self (no one likes when someone else tries too hard to be perfect), you're going to have connections you would never have expected…all because you put your heart out there. Let a spelling error occur now and then. Be okay with the imperfect and focus on being intentional and your writing will be rewarding.

7. Blogging can put food on the table

Of course, not right away. You probably won't make anything right off the bat (PS. I suggest having several articles, at least 5-10, posted BEFORE you launch your site…no one's going to stick around a site without much content, just FYI) but as you refine your voice, build a little bit of a tribe, and clarify your niche, you're going to be able to explore different ways to monetize your blog. Some of these ways include affiliate marketing, ads (my least fave, avoid these even though they sound enticing up front), eproducts, physical products, digital services, or a creative business of your own (like photography, for example). The first bit of $$ you make will probably just cover the cost of your domain but if you take a little time and work at it, you'll uncover the best and most organic way to help monetize your blog in a way that actually helps your audience (not just throws ads at them) and make the time you spend dishing out all sorts of awesome, free, helpful content worth it!

8. You'll be able to help people and see the fruit of your labor.

This seriously should be priority #1 because when your heart is right, the rest will fall into place. As you put more and more helpful content and resources out there, you'll begin to get emails and messages with real stories from real people as to how your work has helped them through a rough patch, influenced or inspired them to start something of their own, or given them just the answer they were looking for! If you want your blog to be effective, you have to get specific. Identify a problem or pain point people in your niche often wrestle with and THEN by researching and sharing your knowledge/advice/encouragement on THAT, you'll be providing invaluable insight and maybe even pouring a little love into a broken heart. From there, you can package up products or point them to products that will help them EVEN more than your free content. So the beauty of having a blog is that it helps in two major areas: it helps you provide for your family WHILE helping your readers with a problem they are facing! Can you think of a more rewarding career?

If these eight reasons fire you up but you're not convinced to start yet, I want to just give you a little extra boost.

I don't care if you started a blog three years ago but haven't actually done much with it or if you haven't started at all (I get it, you're a dreamer…But it's time to put those dreams into action!) It'll help you see some of the basic, bare bones priorities that I HIGHLY suggest you focus on and put into action as you blog. These five things have been game changers for me…from growing my audience to allowing me to spend less time in front of the screen and more time actually LIVING and GROWING in my faith so I can pour into others both on my blog and in my real life.

I know these tips will help you get started (or restarted, that's cool, too) and I'm giving them to ya for free! Click the button below to grab yours.

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16 thoughts on “Top Reasons for You to Stop Waiting and Start Blogging (like TODAY)

  1. Love this post Jordan 🙂 I recently started a blog and every bit of encouragement helps! Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the down time, but I have to remind myself to keep going forward with it even though it’s new and uncomfortable. I’m still trying to define exactly what I’m doing and how to structure my posts –
    finding my voice, you could say. Your post really hit the nail on the head 🙂
    Thanks for your words of wisdom. Here’s to someday living the dream of blogging full time!

    Posted on June 26, 2017 at 10:57 pm
  2. Hey I just wanted to say that this came to me at the right time. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a couple of years and finally made my mind up recently and I convinced my parents today that it is a great learning experience and outlet for me. I just think that it is crazy how God works in such amazing ways that he can give us exactly what we need in the moment we need it. Thanks so much for this bolg post and for being you. You are truly inspirational and wonderful.

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 12:27 am
  3. Okay.. but how? How do I even start? This has been on my heart for a while but how do you find the right way to start? How do you choose between blogging options? How does it actually turn from being what’s inside to putting food on the table?

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 6:09 am
    1. Gaby, I know creating your own website can be a bit expensive, and probably not the starting point for anyone. But you could try http://www.wix.com! I’ve used it in my photography business so far, not for blogging but for a webpage, and they have blogging layouts as well. Some are even free! it would be a great starting point I think. You can choose your own layout. picking a layout that gets peoples attention, but is easy and convenient is going to be the most important thing. But you’ll find that it’s not a step by step process, it’s more of just you being creative and expressing yourself. With the right heart it will all fall into place for you! 🙂

      Posted on July 15, 2017 at 11:43 pm
  4. Hi Jordan!
    Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve been contemplating back and forth about making my own blog for the past two years. I’ve been kinda nervous about being vulnerable and what people are going to think. I have written a good 5 potential posts and I’ve been so nervous about actually putting it on an actual website. I just recently started reading your blog and I happened to come upon this literally after writing another potential post. This was definitely a blessing to me and also an inspiration. So thankful for your work!

    – Ashley C.

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 7:18 am
  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I already have a blog but I feel like I should write with more inclination to my Christianity and not just general matters. I’m too scared. I don’t know what to write and how to talk about it. I’m moving to a self hosted blog and everything just scares me right now. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’ll pray concerning it.

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 9:32 am
  6. BTW when did you start blogging? You’re so successful now. I wonder how long it took you.

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 9:33 am
    1. Jordan Lee

      Hi Belema! Thanks for reading! It took me about 3 years and I’m continuing to learn more every day! I’m not sure you ever really “make it” 😉

      Posted on June 27, 2017 at 1:54 pm
  7. How so you start? How do you get things rolling? And how can I get to a point where it’s my job?
    I’ve been so passionate about helping people and speaking into their lives. I love to help guide and encourage others, much like you do for me.
    I am just unsure of where to start?

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 2:07 pm
  8. How do you start? How do you get things rolling? And how can I get to a point where it’s my job?
    I’ve been so passionate about helping people and speaking into their lives. I love to help guide and encourage and teach others, much like you do for me.
    I am just unsure of where to start?

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 2:08 pm
  9. Awesome post! It feels like the hardest part is starting out knowing you don’t have a base of subscribers in the beginning. After finding a few hundred or thousand I’m sure it gets easier and easier because you have somewhere to go to after writing each post. They can then also help spread it around.

    PS: I hope you don’t mind but I submitted you to a couple blogger communities I know of, maybe it will find you some extra viewers. Snapzu Bloggers (http://snapzu.com/t/bes/) and Growth Hackers (https://growthhackers.com/tags/blogging/latest)

    Thanks for taking the time to write this.

    Posted on June 27, 2017 at 6:10 pm
  10. Jordan, this is exactly what I needed to hear!
    Quick question though, how did you begin? I’m struggling with which site is the best one to use, and what’s the best domain name and such.
    Thank you!

    Posted on June 29, 2017 at 5:14 pm
  11. How do you take good decent pictures for a new blog if you don’t have the money for a camera set up, and all you have is your phone? I have good content but they need equally good pictures to go with them. Do you have any tips or advice? Also do you think the pictures have to go with what the post is about? For example, if you are using baseball as a tool to relate to a life lesson should you connect a picture with baseball stuff as the picture for that post? (did that make sense?) Please reply if you have the time! Thank you so much!

    Posted on July 2, 2017 at 9:10 pm
  12. I work as a photographer but I also love Jesus so much and can never stop talking about Him! haha. I’ve been debating starting a blog but I’m convinced now that I should do it– for both! Your tips have been very helpful- especially about having content on the blog before ever launching it. Simple, but genius!

    Posted on July 15, 2017 at 11:40 pm
  13. Hi Jordan! First of all, thank you for being willing to freely share this content and unselfishly inspire others! Because of this post I took the plunge, bought my domain name, and got started writing content. My only apprehension throughout the whole process has been how much money to invest. I am a newly engaged, broke college student so I am struggling to justify spending the hundreds of dollars required to launch a blog. What would you recommend I spend on my blog in order to eventually make a living?

    Posted on July 31, 2017 at 1:00 pm