I wanna be real about something because we need to be real about the fact that it is real.

Shame. I'd love to tell you I never ever wrestle with shame but that'd be a big fat lie so let's not even go there. I'm a human with weird quirks and a track record of wrongs and I've even got a weird toenail fungus thing going on that I'm ashamed to tell the world about. So there ya go. I said it.
We've all got our demons. Even that girl with the perfect smile and hot boyfriend. Spoiler alert: maybe she feels isolated from true friendships, maybe her boyfriend hit her, and perhaps her dad left her. Don't think you know someone's story by the way their life is portrayed. And don't think the way your life is portrayed defines your worth or tells your story.

But I know that comparison is real and shame stinks. Shame sucks every glimmering piece of light out of our tender little souls and, when we let it, it forces us to forgo the opportunity to experience true joy. It whispers nasty little lies like: You're too messy. You're damaged goods. Your body is ugly. You're a flat out loser. God doesn't love you. People don't like you.

Shame slips in and traps us inside of our own head until we nearly burst. It rings our souls out to dry and squashes our joy.

So if you've ever looked at some little crevice or corner of who you are and seen your demons, I want to remind you of one profound thing:
There is still worth in Jesus' death on the cross for you, even when you've done something or have something you're ashamed of. For your guilt, for your low self esteem, for your weird toenail fungus, whatever it is eating you up.

Because the cross kicked shame in the butt. And that's the power Christ in you. You are no longer shamed. You are saved.

Jordan Lee

Author: Jordan Lee

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