If You're Discouraged In Your Love Life:

Joe fell in love with Joy in high school. She wasn't interested. But years later, after keeping in touch with her through LETTERS (yes, old fashioned letters) every now and then, they reconnected and she saw so much more than she had before. After dating other guys, a deep appreciation for Joe's intentionality grew in Joy's heart. The two shared that they both cried their eyes out the first time she told him she loved him. SO BEAUTIFUL!! And Joe continues to remind Joy of his love in the way he leads, loves, and pursues her.

So to the women, girls, heartbroken or lonely humans, I want you to hear this: you do NOT need to wait for guy who fits you perfectly. You need to wait for a guy who PURSUES PURPOSELY. Don't overlook the pursuing guy because you're too busy waiting for something better. Because the guy who relentlessly pursues your heart and the heart of God? He is something better.


Jordan Lee

Author: Jordan Lee

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