I know there's a lot of you dreaming of a fairytale. Great. I have something for you.
The first few weeks we knew each other, we found ourselves driving in a torrential down pour on our way back from a date. The rain was so heavy that we had to pull off the road for safety.
So naturally, I suggested we get out and dance in the rain instead of sitting in the car. He laughed at first. I think he thought I was kidding (he didn't know me well enough yet).

Nonetheless, he quickly agreed and turned up Tim McGraw's “She's My Kind of Rain” on the car stereo. We twirled around until we our clothes couldn't soak up any more water.
Sounds a little like a fairytale, right? It was. It really was. But at the time, I didn't realize how much the joy in that rainstorm would teach me about the reality of relationships.

So I want to be real in saying that our relationship has seen brokenness. It's seen rainy days. But we're learning in the process that the sweetest dances and the most beautiful flowers grow out of the rainy, brokenness we all experience. Although there are a lot of sunny days, I've learned that growth is not possible without the rain. Life depends upon it. And I think God designed it that way for a reason. And the reason being that we look to the Son who never stops shining – even on rainy days.

I don't know what your rainstorm looks like. Perhaps you're trudging through lonely puddles. Maybe you're crying through raindrops (or torrential downpours) of tears as your tiny heart mends from heartbreak. Or maybe your relationship status is just driving through a storm. It might even be a sunny day for you.

But whatever the forecast of your heart is today, let me remind you of one simple truth: Brokenness is inevitable. You won't find a fairytale on this earth. But you do need a sun that never stops shining. And you have that in the Son. He chose to love you to the point of death, in the middle of the world's biggest storm, 2000 years ago, on a cross.

Because love isn't always charming. But it is always a choice.

Will you choose to dance in the rain?

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Jordan Lee

Author: Jordan Lee

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One thought on “Dear Lonely Girl: You Can Dance In the Rain

  1. I Thank God every time a read a post, for leading me to your Blog. Thank you for the words of upliftment .😊 God bless you.

    Posted on February 13, 2017 at 6:22 pm