Bible Study Bootcamp Waitlist


If you’d like to study the Bible and understand it more thoroughly and personally...with more clarity and less overwhelm...Then this will be the most important investment you’ll make this year.​​


I'll be honest. I'm no Bible teacher. I'm not here to teach you theology or to be your pastor.

I'm just your everyday girl (like you) who wanted to find a way to not only make studying the Bible more interesting...but also find ways to understand and remember what I'm reading! I mean the struggle is REAL.

Overtime, I began using resources and commentaries (by actual Bible teachers) to help guide my reading and study...and then, without even meaning to, discovered I was highlighting and notetaking in a way that was strategic, fun, and helping me understand so much more! 

That's what I'm showing you step by step in this course. You're getting step by step videos where I show you how I take everything I learn on a passage from resources I love and apply it to my notes.  

Inside, you'll find 12 modules filled with additional resources, study material, and more! Dig into specially created step-by-step note-taking lessons on passages from both the Old and New Testaments, covering a variety of topics to equip you with powerful, practical methods to connect and curate this method on your own each time long after you finish the course!



Get a bird's eye view through step by step tutorial-style study sessions complete with highlghters, in depth note taking, and all!


Jot down key takeaways, thought provoking study questions, and related readings to study on your own for the week


Find community, questions, feedback, and ongoing from other bootcamp students enrolled in your session


With guidance on the best resources that will help you dive deeper and have a more meaningful study each and every time


They really help me see connectios and have helped me be able to study on my own!  

—Kelsey H.


As someone who is new to diving into the Bible, it has helped me make so many connections between the books and really unpack the Word.  

—Sarah L.


Until I went through this method and went through some videos, I would read and be lost. I felt I had tried it all ... journaling ... different translations ... and guided studies but nothing filled me. Nothing fueled me. UNTIL THIS! I can now read the Bible with no guide using what I've learned from this. Thank you so much for this. It is a blessing beyond words.  

—Jordan Q.

Will I have access to all 12 studies at once or do I have to wait a week to get each new one?

You will have access to all 12 videos at once! While this is designed to be done over the course of 12 weeks, you are free to go through it at your own pace. ;)

Is this for individuals or groups?

This resource is great for your individual study but also for groups. It’s 12 weeks worth of material which means your group can use it for up 3 months worth of weekly Bible Study with your small group!

Is this for beginners or advanced readers?

Both! This isn't so much a "Bible Teaching course" as it is a course on creative and helpful ways to take notes and remember what you do learn (from your pastor, during your bible study, etc.) . Whether you've never read the Bible before, are just getting started, or have been reading the Bible for years, the material inside Bible Study Bootcamp is sure to give you a new and powerful perspective to read the Bible and help you discovers layers of depth packed into the pages. We've heard testimonies from beginners exclaiming how much this helped them learn to dive in and grow more confident in reading the Bible as well as from long time readers who are well versed but still rave about how much everything they learn has helped their studies flourish in new ways! Beginning, intermediate, or advanced, this is for you.

What happens after the 12 weeks is up? Do I lose access to the material?  

While we encourage you to stay on track as much as possible, we understand that life happens and you may need a little more time to complete the material. Or, you may just want to go back and rewatch some of the video tutorials to refresh your memory after completing the course. So, although this is a 12 week course, you will have access to the material for an entire year. This will give you plenty of time to re-watch and implement what you learn at whatever pace is best for you!

Do you offer refunds if I’m not satisfied with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy but we also want each student to take this seriously and really be a part of the class, so we highly discourage drop outs! ;) In other words, we do not offer refunds if you simply change your mind right after enrolling—especially since you can go through this at your own pace so falling behind isn’t necessarily a reason to drop out. We look at this as an investment with eternal value. However, if you are not satisfied with the material, we’ll refund your purchase, but require you at least prove you give it a shot! Refunds will not be issued more than 30 days after your purchase/enrollment date.  

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