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Refusing to Live in the Land of The Should-Haves

This is for anyone living with regret or questioning her decisions. I just remembered a story that happened one time and maybe it’ll help you.
I was at my cake tasting for my wedding with all sorts of fancy plates and other fancy things and I honestly just wanted to dig in face first. I tried taking dainty little bites but DROPPED the fancy cake lady’s cake right on the floor because forks are hard.
I shoveled the crumbs onto a napkin with my fork (so, graceful) and tried to cover the pink frosting stain. ERGH. I walked out thinking of all the things I could have and should have done differently. Fancy isn’t my thing and I just don’t function well in said situations. 
Similarly, for a long time I would always wish I did things better, decided things better, and wonder if I should have done something differently. So I would spend hours talking circles around what I should have done differently to friends and family who probably really didn’t care. Now I only talk circles around my second-guesses and doubts and regrets for like 10 minutes, so: progress.
But I’m tired of believing the lie that if had I known anything I would have done something different. I’m tired of believing that God hasn’t given me the best thing for me out of each and every circumstance, even the hard ones. Because HE WITHHOLDS NO GOOD THING. Even the tough stuff is for my greater good. Like spilling cake because, LOL, we all needed to lighten up in that fancy little cake room.
So if you’re living with regrets and doubts about yourself, if you’re living in the land of the “should-haves”, do me a favor. Pack your bag and move out with me. Look those lies right in the eye and say, “NO, NOT TODAY, Satan. I am a DAUGHTER of the Lord God. And you and your little lies can BUZZ OFF, because yesterday is a closed door, I DON’T live there anymore. I REFUSE to live in the land of the should-haves.”

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